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Chase for Luck!

It’s been heartwarming visiting with the people of Texas 148. This weekend I block walked out in Spring Branch where my family lived when I was born. On Saturday, I met Angie’s little brother Jessie. He was disappointed when I didn’t have money to buy any of the toys he had for sale at their garage sale, but then he gave me this little guy for luck on my campaign. When I asked Jessie what the little guy’s name was, he said Chase. Next door, I got to hear George’s citizenship story. What a journey! On Sunday, when I knocked on Jim’s door, he told me he’d already decided to vote for me based on his research. We had a good conversation about climate solutions, and then when I got home, he had donated to my campaign! Last night, I met another George who has been working for 20 years to reduce emissions. I learned a lot from him, and walked away with some new ideas to research.

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