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Who I Am

Hi, my name is Carol Denson, and I’m running for TX 148 to represent you. I was born in Heights Hospital and grew up in the Heights. I went to Rice University and the University of Houston, and then I became a teacher. I’ve worked in dozens of schools across Houston through the non-profit Writers in the Schools, and I also spent 11 years as a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade teacher, experiencing first-hand the academic and emotional cost of standardized testing as well as the fear our children feel during lockdowns. I will work to reduce the amount of testing and to bring safety to our children. As a bilingual teacher, I experienced the character and integrity of our immigrant families and will work to make Texas a welcoming place for immigrants. Since the state legislature makes the laws that govern our schools, I think someone with classroom experience should be making those laws.

The other thing that motivated me to run is the urgency of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As many of you know, the world has warmed one degree Celcius and that is increasing the severity of the flooding here in Houston. The climate has changed and I will work to bring state money to improve our infrastructure and resilience to flooding. I will also work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so that the world does not continue to warm and make our flooding even more severe. As professor Jim Blackburn said in February, if we don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep warming under the Paris agreement of 1.5 degrees, whatever infrastructure we build will not be sufficient. 

If you are concerned about our children’s education and about protecting our communities from worsening climate change, I hope you’ll vote for me, Carol Denson, to represent you in Austin.

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